Once I sign up how long will it take for my service(s) to go live?

Once you complete the online sign up process your team of soical managers will go to work setting up your account and turning on your digital assets. Within two business days your facebook page and mobile suite will be live. Content will start flowing immeditely at that time. Unless you chose a custom graphic, in that case your professional graphics designer will work out a timeline with you.

Does your team really do all the work?

YES! Once your Facebook Business Page and Mobile Biz Hub are live, and content is flowing, you can sit back and monitor all the posts, blogs and emails. You can also be involved and create your own content and add to the content stream via your Content Control Panel.

Who writes my content?

Leading content professionals and journalists that have worked in the Real Estate and Mortgage professions create content on a weekly basis that is relevant to your profession and area of expertise.

Are my posts and blogs the same as everyone else's on this service?

Nope . . . your team of writers generate a massive amount of content that is always being refreshed and retired. Content is also generated by category and is mixed in with thousands of unique posts that create a unique feed for your page.